Monday, February 8, 2016

On Being Kind To Yourself

Let me tell you a little somethin' somethin'. I have this tendency of being overly self-critical. Every action that I take, even the smallest step, results in massive internal reflection. I feel that it's important to be a "decent" human being, and be aware of how your actions can affect others, but in my case, the awareness turns into neuroses!

One of my "resolutions" (maybe let's call them lofty goals) for this year is to be a little kinder to myself. I certainly don't plan on not improving and challenging myself, but I also want to give myself a mental break. It's tiring over-analyzing ever little remark I make to my fellow man, after all. 

I have often fall into the mommy trap of comparing myself to other moms, and lamenting at my shortcomings as a parent. Most of the time, it gives me renewed strength to try different activities with my kids, or to take a different approach with them, but sometimes it just makes me feel crummy. So often online, I read other women cutting each other down for decisions that they have made as parents, or life decisions they carried out. While I sometimes find it comical to read the hate speech that is spewed, it also really makes me sad. We mommies have got to stick together and support one another, not cut others down! I personally cut myself down enough, I certainly don't need it from an online community that is so much better equipped to support me!

So this year, I am resolved to live a little more unfettered. To allow my inner-self to reign, and feel more comfortable in my own skin. To just let me be "me" and resist the urge to cut myself or my worth down! I'm really excited about this new challenge. I'm hopeful that I can be a little less of a basket case for my family, and that this new, hopefully less critical, "me" will be a little happier! I know I can do this, and I can't wait.