The 411 (Otherwise known as About Me)

My name is Nicole. I am a native Phoenician, which is something I am frequently told is rare in Arizona. Luckily, I'm an aspiring Portlandian, so hopefully I will be able to rectify that whole situation soon! Our family has a 5-year plan for relocation, the 5th of which ends in 2015. So it's full steam ahead PDX in 2016!

I enjoy adventuring very much, but I can also homebody (yes, the verb "homebody") with the best of them. Disney is my love language. Seriously, I speak all things Disney fluently, and assure you that Disneyland is my second home. I Internet stalk (in a good way, okay?) YouTubers and Disney blogs that feed me updates on Disney on the daily. 

I enjoy geeking out on movies, TV shows and music. POP CULTURE REFERENCES ABOUND, be forewarned. I'm a movie memorizer/ pesky reciter and have been known to quote many-a-movie. I listen to too many podcasts, and am fascinated with learning inside information about my favorite bands and the inner-workings of the indie music scene. I love going to shows, and have been known to travel cross-country to catch a rare performance. 

Cold weather is my jam. I know the entire blogosphere loses their mind when Fall comes around (pumpkin space ALL the things). But Winter is my main squeeze. Chalk it up to being a desert-dweller, but I live for the winter, I worship the winter, darling! Layering and bundling will always have my heart. 

I've been called a cat lady on more than one occasion, and I'm okay with that. Sometimes I'll don an outfit and hear my mom in my head saying "take that off, that's a cat lady outfit!" But I don't care. I believe that there cannot be an absolute "right" or "wrong" when it comes to fashion. It's all about expression. And if my expression for the day is cat lady, then I'm owning it. Fittingly enough, I do have two cats-- Batman & Robin.