Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Still Riding that Disney High!

Few things make me smile as much as hearing Diella and Enzo laugh! 

We just returned from a family vacation at our absolute favorite place: Disneyland. Our poor little Enzo brought back a very nasty cold with him this time, so we have been laying low, nursing him back to health. He's been, understandably, very whiny and needy during his time of sickness. So seeing a video of our vivacious and happy toddler definitely warmed my mama heart, and I had to share. Because, really, isn't he just the best?!

My favorite moment on the trip was meeting Kylo Ren, when our whole family was speechless at how absolutely BA he is. We literally stood there silently while he ordered us around, all of the kids were scared of him, haha! I'm totally one of those adults who get super jacked when they see the Disney characters like a silly fool, I can't help it! I'm 99.9% sure that I get more excited than Diella. She'll probably tell me I'm embarrassing her in the very near future for this! Is it weird that I sort of want to be an embarrassing parent? Even now, there are times I feel like Amy Poehler on Mean Girls when I'm with Diella and her friends. "There are NO rules in the house. I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom."

Look at how straight Diella is standing!

I finally had the chance to try Disney's Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets that I hear so much about on the Disney food blogs & YouTube. Turns out they're not exactly Mickey shaped, but a little like a warped teddy bear shape. Not that it matters really, but I'm just tellin'
 y'all. YOU GUYS. I have never had a beignet before, and they are SO FREAKING GOOD. They're loaded with powdered sugary goodness and they're so soft and fluffy. I'm so glad I finally tried them. I also got a Mint Julep, because, they're so sweet and refreshing. 
 Is there a such thing as a good picture of someone eating? I always look like a creep. Note the powdered sugar all over Raf's arm, and my shirt. GIVE ME ALL OF THE BEIGNETS, KTY.

Other highlights of the trip include: seeing the Shadow man on Mark Twain's Riverboat. I yelled "SHADOW MAN!" to him, and he slowly turned around and gave me the sassiest "I'm too cool for you" glare. It was slightly embarrassing, but mostly really hilarious. We watched the 10:30 Paint the Night Parade on our last day, and Diella was dead tired. Like so tired, that she fell asleep on her cousin's shoulder waiting for the parade to start. 

But as soon as the parade started, she got a second-wind and was dancing around, and singing and waving to the characters like a madwoman. I was so proud, lol.

Now that Enzo is mobile and more aware of what's going on around him, it was so fun to watch him explore and experience Disneyland. He was waving to characters, pointing out everything, and running around like he owned the place. We all enjoyed experiencing the park through his eyes. 
I have to say, purchasing Annual Passes to Disney were a really good investment for us this year. We have made so many lasting memories. Raf and I are often sleep-deprived on these trips due to our overly ambitious traveling schedule, but we are always laughing our heads off from being delirious. It actually adds to the experience, lol! Until next time, Disney. Stay classy!

P.S. I found these two little ditties on my camera from Diella. You're welcome, Internet!