Monday, April 26, 2010

Days off

I have Monday - Wednesday off this week. Diella and I are going to party like it's 1999! And by party, I mean clean the house.
See you laterz!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Disneyland and Record Store Day!

Our trip was AMAZING. We had so much fun together.

We spent Record Store Day at a sick record store named Amoeba Music. It is like nothing Arizona has ever seen! I wish there were more stores like it here. It was HUGE and had an extensive vinyl section. I bought three little goodies that I really haven't seen anywhere else (in stores, that is. I've seen them online). I got: Thrice - Beggars, Thursday - Waiting (favorite) and Thrice - the Illusion of Safety. Such great finds!! Unfortunately, we were unable to take a picture of us in front of the building, but here's a picture of our bag. haha

We started off Friday with breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, which is where all the characters are in the morning. It was awesome. We got some sweet pictures with some of the cutest characters! We are such Disney nerds. The food is actually REALLY delicious there, too. I love their Mickey waffles, they are so cute.

Disneyland was all I could have expected, and so much more. We chose the perfect day to go, there were still a lot of people there, but the lines were SO short. The longest line we waited in was 25 minutes. Not bad! We rode all the rides and even rode Space Mountain twice! It was amazing. Disneyland is such a magical place.

Saturday was kind of a spontaneous day. We went to a kind of gross beach in LA, but it was our fault for not planning it out. Anyway, it was full of trash and in a not so good area. But we chilled anyway. We layed out for a while and walked around a bit. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, we did some outlet shopping (I love me some outlets) and then drove home. It was so nice to be reunited with Ms. D. We missed her terribly while we were gone.

I'll leave with some of my favorite photos from the trip. While I want to share every picture I took, I'll hold back. :)

Oh hai, Hollywood sign!

Sup, dirty beach?!

On Peter Pan. This is the 2nd best ride in Fantasyland, after Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Soaked after Splash Mountain. My honey always sits in the front so that I don't have to :)

I really was screaming my head of during this pic, haha

You don't even know how stoked I was to take a picture with Jasmine. Love her!

Morning, breakfast!!

Chillin' in Tarzan's treehouse, no big. Note that I had a newspaper with me. How lame am I? haha

Until next time!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ode to a Massage Parlor

I felt it necessary to take some time out and profess my love for massages. When I got preggers, my good amiga, Katherine, took me to Massage Envy for a cheap(er) guest massage. I fell IN LOVE with massages. I immediately signed up for a monthly membership. I tried to go monthly when I was “with child” because I knew it would help with the pains that are pregnancy; I did well with that for the most part. But then post-partum, I fell off the wagon. Motherhood and wife-dom (I may have just made that word up) just became more important than taking care of myself. I might have gone once every two months (even though I was paying monthly, and accruing quite a few massages that I wasn’t using).

But lately, I’ve been going again. I should probably thank the new therapist I’m going to. She is AMAZING. My muscles are much less tense, and I honestly feel the stress melting away. I’m hoping this is a habit I can keep up with!

Anyway, if you haven’t partaken in a massage lately, do so! It’s such a great “you” time activity.

I <3 Massage Envy

Monday, April 12, 2010

Holy goodness, it's been a long week!

This past week consisted of lots of (much needed) shopping trips! I needed to gear-up and get amped-up for Spring/Summer time! These two fabulous seasons deserve nothing less!! haha.

I went to H&M with Miss Chelsea and her beau, Scott. I LOVE that store!! I can't believe it's taken so long for Arizona to receive the gift that is H&M! I got a skirt and three shirts. Then we went walking around the Hollywood-esque shopping centre across the street from H&M. I really fell in love with those two shopping plazas! I'm going to probably be spending a lot of my future shopping trips there. Very exciting!

While we were at the Scottsdale's version of Rodeo Drive, we stopped in Anthropologie. This store makes me green with envy, I swear! They have SO many cute things, that WAY too far out of my price range! But I love their store's decor. Everything looks amazing!

Today I got the shopping bug again, so I went to Target. I got an adorable one-piece bathing suit that I couldn't be more excited to wear!! I also got a couple of pairs of wedges—which I have wanted for a while.

I’ll leave this post with a few of my current shopping interests! I REALLY need skirts, haha.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Allergies, why do you exist!?

Maybe it's the mass amounts of rain that us Arizonans have been bestowed with, or the Mulberry tree in my front yard; but my allergies have ATTACKED me this week. From the watery eyes that make it impossible, if not just a waste of time to apply make-up, to my constant sneezing, coughing, raspy voice, and red nose... I'm looking preeettty sexy this week. I love you Spring, with your cool weather and your rain, but these allergies have got to go, asap.

WHY, adorable Mulberry tree?

In other news, life is great! We purchased four dwarf citrus trees for our backyard. We got grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange (planted in that order- the order in which we both prefer them). They are doing well, so far. I'm so excited for them to thrive and produce citrus so that I can eat it!
We went on a family dinner with Chelsea and Scott last night to Green in Scottsdale. It was delicious!! Diella was grabbing everything within arm's reach. She loved the attention- especially when Scott made funny faces at her, hahaha. She's such a joy. We really need to start taking pictures to document our adventures. I'll get better at that, I hope!
Murder by Death came out with a new album, "Good Morning, Magpie," on Tuesday. It's soooo good! I love the singer's voice, coupled with the cello. It's such an awesome album, about lonliness and relationships. They actually wrote a (semi) love song for this album. Go check it out. You won't be disappointed. If you'd like to listen to some of their stuff via Myspace.

Stoked that it's Wednesday!

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